When it comes to safety, you can count on D.Pickering

When it comes to ensuring your holiday home or vehicle is delivered safely and on time, you can count on our drivers.

That’s because they are trained to the highest standards by our partner Vehicle Transporter Training (VTT).

We have been working with VTT for six years, providing driver training, including annual refresher courses for all our highly skilled drivers.

In a recent testimonial, Simon Scaife, the director of VTT acknowledged that our commitment to managing legal compliance and the safety of those operating for and around the business is clear for all to see.

This has enabled VTT to deliver outstanding results for the business.

“We continue to have a close working relationship with D.Pickering Ltd as their will to operate to the highest standards is aligned with VTT’s visions and values,” added Simon.

We want to ensure all our drivers and other road users are safe in the course of carrying out our business, so we will continue to work with VTT on a long-term basis.

Most recently, VTT have been on site training 21-year-old new recruit at D. Pickering, Dylan Dunston-Short.

It is the first time we have taken on a 21-year-old and he has been put on an intensive training course with one of our more experienced drivers, in addition to the full training course with VTT.

Every three years, drivers renew their qualification through VTT, as well as having their annual refresher course.

All our new drivers also spend three weeks with one of our more experienced drivers, before they venture out on their own.

From a legal perspective, we don’t have to do that, but it’s something we have always believed in and carried out due to our commitments to the health and safety of our employees and excellence in providing a first-class delivery service.

We are committed to ensuring all of our drivers can perform to an exemplary standard at all times and ensuring your vehicle or holiday home reaches you in mint condition.

As a result, we also see the benefit when it comes to renewing our insurance each year, as D.Pickering Ltd is viewed by insurers as a safe organisation.

But even without the benefits when it comes to our insurance premiums, we believe the driver training we provide is a great thing, as it puts us on a good footing with the very best in the industry, as we can be sure every one of our drivers is trained to the highest standards.

It gives us peace of mind, but it also brings the same to our customers too.

Speaking of the peace of mind of customers, our vehicles are also all fitted with CameraMatics – something we have invested heavily in this year.

All our trucks benefit from these live cameras so that we can monitor our drivers’ progress and performance at any time.

When you combine our commitment to health and safety with the fact we have also invested in an Aksoylu trailer which carries three motor homes on it rather than the standard two, we quickly become the number one choice for motor home and vehicle transport across the UK.

We treat your vehicle the way we treat ours – with care and respect.

Our firm is all about looking after drivers and keeping them safe, as well as protecting the vehicle or motor home being transported.

We can now also boast that we are taking our commitment to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly seriously, as the three-vehicle transporter will help us to reduce our emissions going forward.

All in all, we are pleased that all our employees can look forward to a healthier, greener future at D.Pickering Ltd.