Rise of the staycation keeps D Pickering Limited busy with motor home transportation

Business at D Pickering Ltd is going from strength to strength, as the demand for motorhomes and camper vans across the UK continues to increase, according to Darrin Pickering.

The motorhome vehicle transport firm has been going for five years now, and Darrin says this is the busiest year yet.

He is also continuing to invest in trucks, trailers and safety features, as driver safety on the roads is paramount for D Pickering Ltd – as well as ensuring the vans and campervans they deliver are in immaculate condition upon reaching their destination.

Darrin believes campervans and vans that are going to be converted into motor homes remain popular following the coronavirus pandemic – and the Great British staycation is here to stay.

This has contributed significantly to an uplift in business for the firm in the past two years.

“We are very busy with transporting motorhomes and the whole business around vehicle transportation has been busy,” Darrin says.

“We are extremely busy and continue to be a number one choice in the North East for vehicle transport, as well as for truck maintenance at our garage service.

“The last six months has been particularly busy and there is a big demand for van transport at the present time – many of which are getting turned into motor homes and camper vans.”

Darrin adds that there is also a waiting list for some campervans, caravans and motor homes after Covid.

One of our biggest customers has a waiting list of two years for its motor homes.

“They are flat out for two years,” Darrin says of the quality motorhomes builder.

“I think this demand has definitely come about due to covid, when people started staying at home and going on holiday in the UK.

“In my opinion, people are not going abroad as much and a lot of people have become fond of taking holidays in this country instead.

“The staycation continues to rise.”

Darrin also believes people taking early retirement are ploughing the decent payments they receive from their pension into investing in a motorhome, as they get used to a slower pace of life and enjoying more time to travel around the country.

This has meant demand for D Pickering Limited’s vehicle transportation service has also gone up.

“Turnover has increased significantly in the last two years compared to previous years,” Darrin says.

“Our popularity comes from the fact we offer a very specialised vehicle transportation service.

“To carry motorhomes, you require special trailers – it’s not just a normal trailer like a car transporter that you need.

“There are not many businesses like ours that have that specialised equipment that ensures motor homes and bigger vehicles can be transported safely, with the vehicle arriving in mint condition with minimum impact on other road users.”

Such is the growth in demand for this seamless vehicle transportation service, the firm has invested in three more specialised trailers, which can carry three vans rather than just two, making the firm more efficient and more eco-friendly.

The new trailers are due to arrive in May 2024, to add to that which was purchased recently.

“We are going through the process of replacing ageing trailers with the ones that carry three vans rather than just two to enhance the vehicle transportation service we provide, as well as making us more efficient and more environmentally friendly,” Darrin says.

The firm has also just taken delivery of a new Scania truck and has also invested about £14,000 in air bars, which will keep its own drivers and other road users safe.

“The safety of our drivers and other road users is paramount to us at D Pickering Limited,” Darrin says.

Another reason to choose D Pickering Limited for all your vehicle transport needs.