Best year to come in 2024 for D Pickering Ltd

Turnover up 27% as demand for motorhome transport and workshop repairs continues to drive business forward.

It’s been a busy start to the year for D Pickering Ltd, which has also invested in two new trucks, as business goes from strength to strength.

Darrin Pickering says the demand for motorhomes shows no signs of abating, which in turn means more business for D Pickering Ltd, who provide motorhome transport you can trust.

Darrin says: “We are very busy at the moment and the business is going from strength to strength, especially with the continuous demand for motorhome transport.

“Business in this area has just taken off and it’s really busy.

“As far as motorhomes are concerned, we work for The Hymer Group, one of the leading manufacturers of motorhomes, and their factories are currently at capacity for the next two years, building all the motorhomes they have sold.

“Naturally, once the motorhomes are made, they need transporting to their new owners – and that’s where we come in.”

D Pickering has been able to capitalise on this success too and has purchased two new top of the range Scania S540 trucks.

“We have chosen the Scania trucks because of the fuel economy,” Darrin says.

“The other ones we have bought have always been second hand, but we have gone for a new truck this time around, as we’ve been able to get a good deal with them – including a three-year service plan.

“Our drivers love the Scania product – they love the interior – it’s like a second home for them.”

The new trucks represent an investment of around £500,000 for D Pickering Ltd, demonstrating an immense amount of confidence in the year ahead for their business.

“In the past year, we had just invested in replacement trucks – but these are additions to our fleet,” Darrin says.

“We also invested in the new trailer that can carry three motorhomes rather than two on the back – and we’ve just ordered three more of them.

“That represents the strong position we are in with regards to the motorhomes side of the business.”

That being said, Darrin adds that all elements of the business are doing well, including the workshop repairs side, which is ably run by his son Adam.

The repairs and maintenance side of D Pickering offers specialist cart transporter maintenance and D Pickering’s mechanics are hand-picked to provide the very best services using all the latest diagnostic equipment and HGV maintenance technologies.

Darrin also credits transport manager Scott McDonald with the success of the business, as he is involved with the day to day running of the trucks.

“All elements of the business are really busy, which we are of course, delighted to see,” says Darrin.

“Turnover has increased by about 27% year on year and we’ve employed two more drivers to cope with the demand for our services.

“We’ve also got an additional member of staff in the garage and we are continuously moving forward.”

In March, D Pickering Ltd will be five years old – although the experience of all its staff goes back to 1992, when the company first operated as Beamish Transport.

“We are sure to be celebrating five years in business as D Pickering Ltd in March,” says Darrin.

The team certainly have plenty to celebrate!